How to style up your kids for this festive season

It is the beginning of Shravan month according to the Hindu Indian calendar and it signifies the commencement of all the festivities that lie ahead throughout the year. This month itself brings in Raksha Bandhan, Janmashtami, Teej, and Jaya Parvati vrat followed by many more in the upcoming months. We love the festive feel and the preparations, special food, sweets, and most importantly, dressing up!  

Including your kids and family in the preparations and the shopping is what gets you in the mood before the actual day of the celebrations. This is the right time to go out to shop and stock up on outfits for you and your kids. Because among thousands of last-minute preparations you don't need an addition. 

Shopping for your kids can be a lot of hassle - what to buy, where to buy it from, and how to style your juniors for different occasions. All of this needs to be thought through! Paris Surat is here to make it a little easier for you and pick out those perfect dresses for your little ones because we all know kids are the one who steals the show at every shenanigan. Here are some tips and tricks to keep it easy for you. 


The last thing you want on a festive day is your kid getting fussy, so buy clothes that are comfortable to wear, of decent baby-friendly fabrics and style that can be easily carried by them without making a big deal out of it. Your kid will want to jump around and play, this is their only idea of fun. So, this is the first basic rule.


girls fashion wear

The pop of colors looks beautiful on babies, don't stop yourself from experimenting with colors and be playful with them because if someone can rock that look, it is your child. Add cheer to your child's wardrobe by picking up some exciting colors because bright is beautiful! 


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Keep your kid in vibe check by going ethnic with their clothes. kurta pajama, lehenga choli, or just a decent Nehru jacket with trousers and a flowy gown for girls can do the trick. This will help you keep it classy while keeping it festive. 


Detailing your kid's outfit may consume a lot of your time but it is worth it because festive outfits are no fun without the additions like those cute little juttis. Girls have a whole range to choose from, from hair bands to bangles while boys have very limited options but you can pick whatever goes with the outfit.


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Make sure to stay updated with the current kid's fashion trends. Kurta and dhoti, palazzo and crop tops, traditional prints, and minimal embroidery. It all keeps updating every day. Get the one that feels just right for your divas and heroes, something that brings out the best in them. 


If you happen to go out shopping with your kids, give them options and let them choose their looks. Let them match the accessories without being rigid with the rules. If she wants to wear those shoes with a lehenga, let it be! This is where the fun lies. 


children's clothes styles

Twinning with your child's look is so much in trend these days. The daughter and mother can adorn the same ruffle dress or the son can twin with his father wearing the same kurta pajama! It is so much fun dressing up as your little ones and the pictures turn out to be amazing. 


Be playful while dressing up your child. There are no rules to stick to. Let it be fun when they don't have to worry much about it. 


Spend on things you think your children can wear more than once, and mix and match their outfits according to the occasion. Do not buy something just because you like it, think about if your child will like it and be comfortable wearing it. 

Paris has a huge collection of kids' ethnic and casual wear, whether you want to go minimalistic or all blingy, the store is full of options, they focus on celebratory and festive outfits and the best part is you can shop it online through video calls. They ship all over, you are just an appointment away. 

So, this festive season glam up your kids with a full festive vibe. Include them in the little rituals, preparations, and shopping. Click a lot of pictures and bond over celebrations, because it is all about that. With the whole world on vacation, this festival season ensures that your much-loved tiny tots don't miss out on all the glee and happiness, and splurging on some suave, ethnic, and cute outfits is an easy way to get those 1000-watt smiles on your kids' faces. Keeping this in mind, Paris Surat is here for a safe shopping experience, where you can find the perfect festive outfit for your kids and capture that Insta-worthy smile, so keep come and shop away to your heart's content!5