In Paris World, our clothes capture a lifestyle that mirrors today’s India, an unapologetic fusion of the cultural and the contemporary. We believe in staying true to the traditions that have built this legacy while moving forward into a more contemporary world. We imagine traditional crafts in a contemporary language, making them relevant for women of all ages and sizes.

To us, it is not just the garment that is important, but also the story behind it – from using rich ethnic fabric to sharing the experiences of our customers. Each silhouette is designed to be a story within itself, curated with plush fabrics, aesthetic designs, surreal patterns, and overall, giving it a look that speaks to every beauty who wears it.

We hope you fall in love with not just the beauty of our pieces, but the narratives that created the Paris fashion for family.


With the vision of design, art, and storytelling - Paris is a celebration of culture, heritage, and craftsmanship. The stunning turn of events in the year 1995 gave birth to a beautiful and innovative brand - PARIS. Intending to amplify heritage craftsmanship skills with individualistic aesthetics, the handcrafted ensembles by PARIS fashion for the family are a playful brew of style, statement, and soul for the aesthete mind to sip on.

‘PARIS’ stands tall on the four elements - superior fabrics, exclusive designs, comprehensive product range, and incredible pricing which continues to win hearts and space in the wardrobe of every customer worldwide.


“Paris fashion for the family is our attempt to showcase traditional yet contemporary designs using plush fabrics and authentic Indian craftsmanship. We seek to bring every family close to the timeless Indian culture and Indian heritage through our vivid and rich collection.”



We deeply value experiences, thoughts, inputs, and emotions and firmly believe that only in a respectful exchange can all voices be heard, the best ideas can come forth, and conducting business and communication becomes fulfilling.


We believe that for any product we offer, quality is indispensable. It is essential to engage the right people and interest our clients, to create perfect experiences and get the desired results.


We aim at creating wonders and thinking without any constraints to envision and achieve what we want. We inspire with originality and freshness, something that not only amplifies the talent around us but also every design we create.


We strive to fulfill our client's every need and ensure that they can build a sense of trust and reliability to provide them with products that fulfill their desires.



Our mission is to celebrate the heritage that gives our clothes their authenticity and character. With our silhouettes for family, we celebrate the rich tradition of textile that has thrived in India for centuries. We are committed to creating a more sustainable world, and use organic and natural materials for all our garments, which we then transform into handwoven fabrics. We believe that fashion has to exist in correspondence with the past and the future.



As much as it is our responsibility to celebrate the past, it is equally important for us to protect the future, and in keeping with this, we make it our mission to operate with sustainable practices.