Paris will endeavour to provide you with the best prices possible on products and/or merchandise. However Paris does not guarantee that the price will be the lowest in the territory from where you are placing the purchase order. The prices mentioned on the Website are not subject to comparison with the same or similar product(s)/merchandise(s) available at Paris stores or through any other online or offline sale.

The pricing is subject to Paris’s internal pricing policy and the prices shall be determined only at the sole discretion of Paris. Thus the prices are subject to change at any time, without any notifications. Further the prices and availability of product(s)/merchandise(s) are liable to change without any prior notice from Paris.

All references to ‘Rupee/INR’ on the Website refer to Indian currency. Prices mentioned on the Website for domestic sale i.e. sale of product(s) within India may be different from the prices of similar products intended for international sale i.e. outside India.

Unless otherwise mentioned, the price displayed on the Website for any product(s) in INR represents the full price of the product(s) to be shipped in India.

Unless otherwise mentioned, the price displayed on the Website for any product(s) in foreign currency represents only the price of the product(s) to be shipped outside India and excludes charges towards foreign shipping cost, any custom fees, import duties, taxes and levies which would be extra. It may be noted that in case of international sale, Paris cannot provide the quantum of any custom fees, import duties, taxes and levies. Further also take note that the actual amount to be paid by you as an international purchaser will be the equivalent amount in the currency of your credit card/debit card, as per the currency conversions done by your bank/credit card/debit card provider on the date of billing.




For domestic deliveries, i.e., delivery of product within India, all taxes and duties are included in the price of the product set out on the Website.

For international deliveries, i.e., delivery of product outside India, is undertaken on a DDU (Delivery Duty Unpaid) basis, which means product prices displayed are exclusive of all import duties, custom fees and local taxes. As the recipient of the product, you are liable for all import duties, customs fees, local taxes levied by the country. Payment of these taxes or duties is necessary for delivery of product(s). We are unable to advise what amount this would be as duties vary from country to country.




  • The data/product(s) made available through the Website may include inaccuracies or typographical errors including but not limited to the description of the product(s), the availability of product(s) or the pricing of the product(s). These inaccuracies or discrepancies may go unnoticed until after you have placed the order. If we discover a mispricing, we will do one of the following:

    • If the actual price of the product(s) is lower than the price mentioned or listed on the Website, Paris will charge the lower amount and ship you the product(s). In such cases, Paris will refund the excess amount charged. In cases where the product(s) are sold on the Website but payment terms are ‘Cash on Delivery’ then Paris will charge you the actual i.e. lower amount.

    • If the actual price of the product(s) is higher than the price mentioned or listed on the Website then unless the product(s) has already been dispatched, Paris shall at its sole discretion inform you by e-mail/call/letter about the correct price and seek instructions from you as to whether you would like to cancel your order or pay the balance amount. If you elect to cancel the order, Paris shall refund the payment made by you. However if you elect to pay the differential amount, Paris shall process your order;

    • Paris shall refuse and cancel orders placed by you due to non-availability of product and inform you about rejection of your order. Paris will refund you the payment made by you;

    • With respect to reversal/refund of any payment by Paris under Section 7(b), Section 7(c) and Section 7(d), Paris will give necessary instructions to the payment gateway within 5 working days. It is pertinent to note that the payment gateways may take upto a month to credit such amount to your account.